leah gray wldflwr workshop_0005_02710013leah gray wldflwr workshop_0007_02710011leah gray wldflwr workshop_0004_02710015This past May, Wldflwr.ink teamed up with Mikaela Hamilton Photography to bring this awesome group of girls together to play with floral crowns and learn about portrait photography. By far one of my favorite workshops I've been a part of! It all felt super laid back, the sun was out, everyone felt at home, and the yellow, orange, and green hues brought summer right to our fingertips. leah gray wldflwr workshop_0000_02710024 leah gray wldflwr workshop_0002_02710021leah gray wldflwr workshop_0003_02710016leah gray wldflwr workshop_0000_02710014I got these shots developed later than I normally would, but sometimes that's the best way to do it. I get to relive awesome moments like this that often get lost in the back of my mind.leah gray wldflwr workshop_0001_02710023leah gray wldflwr workshop_0008_Backgroundleah gray wldflwr workshop_0001_Backgroundleah gray wldflwr workshop_0006_02710010To see the official photos, shot by Mikaela, click over to the considerthewldflwrs blog. They're all so stunning. Mikaela is a crazy gifted lady. Photos: film by Leah