leah gray | watercolor leah gray | watercolor Sharing a recent photo project I did with one of the best, Maddie – owner over at BONES. + I have a few thoughts. I’ll be swift.

watercolors 4 watercolors 2 watercolors 3The ebb and flow of trends is a natural thing. Yes, they are in a sense controlled by a massive, filled-with-money corporation, but on the level of the average person, trends are an answer to a previous trend – a copy or a rebellion. I get heated when someone tries too hard to copy or rebel. It’s human nature to answer trends, but we don’t have to strip ourselves of our own personal style and put so much effort into how we look and how we want the world to perceive us, whether we’re doing so in what we wear or read or create. Just go with the flow, be you, do awesome things.watercolorsI'm pairing these thoughts with this photo project because Maddie does her thing and she does it well. I've sat for a while trying to find words for her "thing" but it's just her, you gotta know her to know her thing. These kinds of people are always the best photo subjects because by capturing them I capture a bit of what I know about them and share it with everyone. The relationship between words and photographs are so interesting because where one can't go the other can. leah gray | watercolorHappy summer days, friends.

Film photos by Leah.