provencial | a day | leah grayA couple of months ago, Grace Taylor (alongside some great people) started Provencial Magazine. For now it is an online, monthly journal that peeks into process and the provencial life - something Grace discovered during her time in France. They have big plans to get all of their lovely content into print within their first year! Last month I met Grace here in Nashville, after hearing much about her from mutual friends, and I decided to try and become a part of their story. The first photo essay just kind of fell into place - it's titled, A Place, and looks into my most recent adventures at one of my favorite places, while at the same time incorporating all my past memories there. The Place is a cabin on a tiny lake in Indiana that holds a lot of laughter, exploration, and tender moments. I took so many photos while I was there and had a really hard time deciding which fit with the words and the story as a whole. So here are some "outtakes," photos that I love and show how great this place really is. (If you haven't seen the actual photo essay / story, please go to their site, enjoy, and while you're there look around at all the other great pieces!) provencial | a place | leah gray provencial | a place | leah gray provencial | a place | leah gray provencial | a place | leah grayprovencial | a place | leah gray provencial | a place | leah grayPhotos: film by Leah Gray for Provencial Magazine.

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