A Day - One | photo essay by Leah GrayThe world is an inspiring place. Full of life - ordinary, everyday life - that brings about extraordinary discoveries, art, accomplishments, and creations. I feel incredibly blessed to get to have the ability and the mindset to pursue a career that gives me life and keeps me coming back for more, but sometimes it's rough. Not for the reasons that I know will always follow me, like finances, but I get overwhelmed with the shallowness of the internet world, the facade of the cool, the hip, the trendy. There are times when I just want to let my computer die, get into my car, and drive into the woods or straight down to the beach to just watch the trees sway and the ocean foam (some might even think those words are a mere consequence of trend). But I'm so grateful to the people in my life that remind me why we do what we do. We aren't here to make an image for ourselves, to "curate a lifestyle," one that looks perfect on instagram and gives people a fake way of life to look to up to. We are here to pursue life - the everyday, the ugly, the boring, the beautiful, the imperfect, the hard, the simple, the crazy, crazy life, and I am here to capture it. Words and film are my chosen tools, while my fiance's are illustrations and design, my mom's are numbers and human contact, my dad's are music and motivations... I could go on. We have gifts and minds to use them and hands to get things done. If I've learned anything in my short time as a freelancer, it's that everyone is talented, but very few actually do something. So here's me doing - using what I love to do something, to say something about our culture. This series of photo essays, along with the interviews I've been posting, will continue for the unforeseeable future. "A Day," will consist of a group of photos from one of my days - the first being a day that I was in class from 11am - 3p, went to meetings, and ate food. No beautiful babies, no perfectly done up hair, no open white washed rooms, no beautifully curated meals, no pristine interior design - just my daily, my life, and the beauty that I find in it. With this project I don't want to diminish the significance of the job of the curator - I see myself as curator, a composer of visuals, in many ways, and I think that this line of work is necessary in bringing back an authentic and aesthetic community in our world. But I do think things can be overdone, they can be morphed into something they're not and I want to make sure I'm keeping a solid balance. With this project I want to capture what I really do, the people I see daily, and I want to do it in a way that speaks beauty and discovery into everyone who comes across it. Discovery of the beautifully ordinary. Enjoy.A Day - One | photo essay by Leah Gray

A Day - One | photo essay by Leah GrayA Day - One | photo essay by Leah GrayA Day - One | photo essay by Leah Gray A Day - One | photo essay by Leah GrayPhotos - film by Leah Gray