ware | bones | leah gray ware | bones | leah grayA few shots from a shoot I did this week for Bones - curated by one of my close friends (and awesome model) Maddie. Her pieces are full of color and life and each one has something quirky. I was so excited when I saw these spring pieces, especially that little blue dress - the barbados babydoll - it almost has me re-thinking my mostly muted palette. Almost. ware | bones | leah gray ware | bones | leah gray ware | bones | leah grayThis shoot inspired me like I haven't been inspired in a long time. I love stepping out of my go-to styles and locations to create something awesome.

ware | bones | leah gray ware | bones | leah grayMaddie and I have some pretty good things in the works - I've been wanting to bring someone on to help me with style posts, as I start to focus more on the writing and photography, and then Maddie just stepped right into my life! So you will be seeing a lot more of her and shots like these, woo!

Good, good things happening, I hope the same for all of you.

pieces not from Bones - overalls - free people | rings - considerthewldflwrs 

Photos - film by Leah Gray for Bones