leah gray | camp coffeeLast fall Eric and I ventured out to Savage Gulf for a weekend of camping and hiking. The beauty of film is sometimes you forget to develop a roll and then you get to relive awesome moments. leah gray | camp coffee leah gray | camp coffeeIt was the first real chilly day of the fall and we woke up and threw on more layers than we were used to. We unzipped the tent, grabbed the pack off of the tree, and rummaged until we grasped the moka pot. With the kettle on the pile of ash from the night before, I started filling the inner filter of the coffee maker while he started the stick hunt. Slightly shivering and sleepy eyed, we began the making of the fire. Small, damp sticks first - taking too long to light. But it lit, and we added larger sticks. Huddled around the warmth with both pots on the fire we looked around at the silence that surrounded. Distant chirping and the occasional shuffling of leaves, the air was crisp and the smell of coffee filled our nostrils. leah gray | camp coffeephotos - film by Leah Gray