arrington_0001_DSC_0044We didn't have to go very far to find this place and we might be one of the last people in Nashville to discover it, but Arrington Vineyards is so good. It's tucked away in the hills, has gorgeous views, and you can bring snacks or full on meals and eat and drink the day away! Starting in the springtime, they have live jazz on the weekend, wuuuuuut. Makes me want the warm sun to show it's face even more. Even though we went in winter when the color green is scarce, the view and the wine and the calm made the day perfect. arrington_0003_Backgroundarrington_0000_DSC_0098DSC_0078We tasted some really, really good wine (I'm not a snob but I like my wine) and ran around the fields. The best part was probably sitting down next to the fire watching the sun go down and enjoying it all with our closest friends. Really, the perfect way to spend a day.



photos by Leah Gray