09570022Today is very windy. It blows the trees and makes a deep sighing noise when it goes between my home and the one next door. The wind, if we can put it in our minds that he is a thing, a being, is longing for something. I've spent a good portion of this morning thinking about whether wind likes the cold more than the heat or vice versa. If he likes the cold, then he's calling for it to come back, but if it is the warmth he desires, which is what I think, then he's longing to be closer to it. While I was writing a couple of stories this morning - both from interviews that will be featured on the rebranded version of my blog, or journal, or online magazine as I'm trying to call it these days - I found myself trying to get into the mind of the wind. I found myself wanting to be closer to the warmth. I know the wind today is bringing a slight cold front, but I want to tell him to take it away. Bring me the warmth, and I'd like to think that is why the wind is sighing - he agrees - the cold should move on.

09570050 09570019But how ungrateful, I think, at the same time, to desire something that will eventually come around, no matter how much I want it or even push against it, the warmth will come. Living in that unknowing but being certain that something is there and is coming is a struggle - a struggle I know a lot of people have to deal with on a daily basis. But we keep at it, we work, and we live, and we have fun, and we do it in a lot of different ways. Just like how the wind brings the warmth of spring in a different way every year. It will come - just not always when or how we want or expect it to. It will come.

photos - film by Leah Gray