reading | leah grayThis week-end was doused with sunny weather, and I did all I possibly could to sit and soak it in. I've been reading The Moviegoer by Walker Percy for class and it has captivated me. Because I read so much for my classes it's rare, during these months, that a book pulls me in and takes over my thoughts. But this book - a mix of depressed characterization and intellectually stimulating dialogue, often going on in the main character's brain - has done just that. I don't want to put it down, but I must, more out of necessity to grasp the weight of the content. I'm so involved with the main character and his search, I've even found myself daydreaming, if I can call it that, thoughts that are similar to his. Percy's, or Binx's (the main character through which the story is written) observations of the city of New Orleans has me craving for a visit - preferably a lengthy one. This will definitely be a book that I desire and even dream of the continuation of the story once the end comes. Photo by Leah Gray - instagram