winter workshop_0001_wldflwr workshop-102 winter workshop_0009_wldflwr workshop-18For the past few days I've been starting a re-envisioning of my blog. I want this to be a space to document my life's adventures, but more than that, I want this to be a place to share creativity and inspiration and to tell stories of people discovering their passions in this life. So I'm going to be more open about my exploration into how my passions and work intertwine - this, at times, really overwhelming struggle of finding place in the world and wholeness for my self. With that - let's talk flowers. This past Saturday, Emily and I hosted our first Wldflwr.ink Workshop and it was all about winter florals. The entire purpose behind Wldflwr.ink and considerthewldfwrs is to explore crafts, reveal beauty in imperfections, and tell stories. While Emily is the maker of the jewelry line, we both are so passionate about nature and bringing that into all aspects of the business. I quickly realized that I love floral design and we both decided that was something that fits perfectly into our mission.

winter workshop_0007_wldflwr workshop-26 winter workshop_0008_wldflwr workshop-20 winter workshop_0010_Background wldflwr workshop-9We wanted this two hour workshop to be a time for these girls to come together, be in community, eat and drink delicious things, and learn how to make an awesome arrangement. We held it at Fort Houston, our studio home, and we brought our friend Kelly Ross in to help me guide the instruction. Emily made all the food and I was sneaking way too many bites before and (way) after.

winter workshop_0005_wldflwr workshop-42 winter workshop_0004_wldflwr workshop-74 winter workshop side 1

Greens and different hues of purple sprinkled the room and everyone was laughing and smiling until it hurt (the good kind of hurt). Flowers make people so happy, it's more than the truth.

winter workshop_0003_wldflwr workshop-89Each student received a chocolate bar from theo chocolates, a wax fragrance bar from KORE Nashville, and an adjustable rose ring from our shop.

winter workshop side 2 wldflwr workshop-100 winter workshop_0000_wldflwr workshop-108Part of finding your passions and places in the work force comes from trial and error. You just gotta do it. I was in heaven throughout this entire process, so much so we turned around and planned another one for Saturday March First. (To sign up click here.) I hope this inspired these girls to dig deep for creativity and inspiration, find what they love, and play in nature while they're doing it.

photos by Mikaela Hamilton

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