IMG_3143IMG_3167 Emily and I did a shoot this past weekend for considerthewldflwrs and our three new pieces that came out on Monday - the speckled fill, the silver sling (pictured), the triple silver bar. So much inspiration flowin' and I got to utilize my new jeans - Imogene & Willie garage sale, the most pleasant + busy yard sale ever. These pants are perfect for laid back, working from home days and then I just throw on some heels and they're goin' out material.


Tomorrow we're hosting our first floral workshop, and I can't wait to share the pictures from the event. These girls that I'm working with are creative machines.

Bon week-end, friends!

photos by and for considerthewldflwrs

pants - imogene & wille | sweater - milk & honey boutique | shoes - bones | necklace - the silver sling