headland | imogene 1My favorite kinds of styles are the ones that are overly simple. Not necessarily simple in pattern or color but more so simple in the sense that I can tell the people don't have 5 massive closets overflowing with things they never wear. I hope that doesn't sound harsh - I understand the lots of clothes thing, I love clothes (maybe shoes more). But I've found that the styles that speak are the ones that are effortless and clearly connected to the person. Which I think is made possible when the person is freed from the desire for more, the desire for new. When getting dressed in the morning becomes more about seeing something that's been in your closet for 10 years differently than you ever have before, rather than standing there wishing you had new shirts, pants, or shoes. Over the past year I've gone through my clothes over and over and over until I got down to the pieces that I wear all of the time. I used to think, 'I could wear this here or there', blaaaah. The truth is when I say I could it means I most likely won't. So now the pieces I do have are the ones that I'll wear until their worn out and falling apart. I'll be able to play and create and mix. The days of looking at my closet and just wishing for more and new have passed (most days), and I've found I appreciate and am more grateful for what I do have in front of me. Who knew getting dressed in the morning could have such emotional depth?headland | imogeneSo I wanted to share my go to pieces - the ones that are worth what they cost and the ones that have been passed down to me from my mom and grandmothers. The ones that help me form my style pretty much daily.

First up, denim. Denim denim denim. I've always wanted that one pair that out does all the others: aaaaaaand Imogene + Willie. A company here in Nashville that I've mentioned before on here. The process down to the fit - it's all perfect, and now I wear them almost daily. Only occasionally do I switch them out for my 5 year old black, wash-out denim, but that's just so people don't start to catch on to my outfit repeating. They really are great jeans, and I don't think anyone walks out of there without a smile.

(The style I got is called Imogene Slim)