_MG_3267I love backpacks. Over the shoulder bags (like totes / messenger bags) I can do sometimes, but backpacks are my go to bags for everything. School, work, adventures, they're just super comfy and hold a lot. Before a few days ago I had two that I went between, one is an osprey day hiking pack, and the other is a rip curl every day pack (I still love both of them). But since I went back to school last week (uf) I was looking for one that was comfy, flap-style, and biiiiig, I carry more pounds on my back than I'd like to admit. everlane bp 1

Enter Everlane. They just came out with 6 colors for the snap backpack, a style I had been eyeing for a while. It's only 65 bucks, which compared to some similar styled backpacks that range up into the 200's, that's pretty awesome. I initially couldn't decide between the reverse denim and the burgundy, but I went for a little color, considering half of my closet is grey. Guys, it's too good. It's comfy and has a perfectly simple look while still being extremely functional. The best part (besides the price) is that it's perfect for school but it still looks clean and professional when I'm meeting up with other creatives / people I'm working with, I can't tell you how important that is. The only thing I noticed feeling a little off was the stiffness of the straps. They weren't uncomfortable at all just wide and in need of a little breaking in.

everlane bp 2I was actually expecting it to be smaller (even though I had seen their 'what fits' promo), but when I started loading it with school stuff I noticed that it was reeeeally spacious. At the time of the shoot I think I had 9 novels, 4 notebooks, a textbook, a lap top (in a case), my film camera, some coconut water, and a water bottle on the side, whaaaaaat. That's a lot. Plus it doesn't feel like a 100 pound baby pulling down on my shoulders when I'm riding my bike. Definitely no buyers remorse here.


shirt - jcrew, similar style here. shorts - cut off thrift jeans. shoes - bensimon sneakers

- everlane.com

- zachary gray photography for headland