I'm super excited to introduce my friend Emily to you guys today. She's a singer / songwriter here in Nashville, she has awesome style and she recently started a jewelry line called consider the wldflwrs. All of her pieces are crazy and beautiful and I wish I could just wear a different one every day. Plus, forty-five percent of the profits are given to a non-profit ministry called "Victory of Heart" in Tyler Texas."(read more on their mission here)
When we first started talking about working together, she was explaining to me how each of her necklaces have a personality. They're all named after wild flowers, and that's what makes them so perfectly unique. I get so excited when people put intentionality and hard work into their craft, and I get even more excited when they're my friends.
This will most certainly not be the only time you see emily and her necklaces around here, we have lots of things in our brains and I can't wait to start workin on them! For now, enjoy, and good luck trying to pick out just one.

- - - photos by Zachary Gray for headland.