This summer has been so wonderful for me and my thoughts. I moved to Nashville last summer not knowing what I wanted, not in the slightest. I've been singing since I was three years old. I grew up in a family of (insanely talented) musicians, and always thought that's what I would be doing. I had been mildly successful with the songs I wrote in high school, and by successful I mean all the feedback was super positive. I'm lucky to have a mom and dad, both crazy good singers, that tell me when something is just not good, so when they said music is what I should do with my life I said, 'yup, you're definitely right'. And they were right, still are. However, I've had HUGE realizations this summer. After starting to work with Cheryl, who is also a singer / songwriter, been doing it almost her entire life as well, we inevitably started discussing music and it's role as a "job".

that's my daddy behind the piano, I can't tell you how talented he is.

Ever since my freshman year of college (I'm now a senior), I haven't been able to write, not one song. I was a vocal jazz major, had super talented, inspiring people all around me, still nothin. I thought that moving to Nashville would be what I needed to help me get over that dry spell, but I have yet to write, even now. I've pinned it down: I got burned out. I was studying music, I was singing at my church, and on the side I was writing. I was consumed.  I mean I loved it, I got in a flow when I wrote and I would be there for hours, not realizing it, but it was my only creative outlet. For people who are only music minded, I have so much respect for them, different musical projects can be the different outlets, but I've found that's not enough for me. Towards the beginning of this year I started to realize that my blog wasn't just a hobby. It's my craft. After starting to work with WOLFE I began to see that styling and art directing is apart of my personal blog as well. My craft. It's my thing. I love it. Cheryl once told me her musician theory. There are three different kinds: the ones who make it their life (again, so much admiration for these types, it's so hard and a beautiful thing), the bums, and the ones who find their craft. So many musicians struggle because they seek success, and then if they're like me, they get burned out and turn to a job that can support them, but doesn't grow their creativity.

So I've discovered my craft, and it's so refreshing and uplifting. I'm currently still feeling slightly burned out on the music end, but through exploring the art directing / blogging craft, and gettin outside, I feel it slowly and naturally coming back.