cloudy head

Normally I take Sundays to rest, clean, and spend time with friends, but today I can't really stop thinking about my "job". The project I've been focusing on for the past few months (when I say it's coming soon now, I actually mean very soon) has pushed my creativity to a new level. It's shown me that what I want to do (I hate calling it a job, because it's so much more than that) is achievable and ever-changing. But over these months I've let my personal goals get a little cloudy, which happens to most people when they put all of their focus into an awesome project. After reading Bri Emery's post about her goals, I was inspired to take some time, sit down, clear my brain, and write. My ideas of a job have changed a lot within this last year, and I know that certain people and projects have had a lot to do with that, but I really believe that focusing in on my brain and personal goals is extremely important to that process. So that's what this Sunday is for, and I'm excited to see where it takes me.