For the past few weeks I've been really wanting to incorporate some of my favorite Nashville spots into my posts, but I didn't just want to post their website and say, "hey guys, this place is cool, check it out okay?" I wanted to show why I love them, tell a story. So I got my friends Lindy (stylin' lady) and Zachary (awesome guy behind the camera) together to show off one of our favorite coffee shops.

Barista Parlor hasn't been around for too long, but when I moved here this past summer it was an instant favorite. Everything about it is so different, from the openness of the building to the way they brew their coffee. All of the food is made in house (it's crazy good) and they have so many different brews you'll want to stay for days and try them all. On top of the awesome lay out and the perfect atmosphere, the workers are great people, so nice and so helpful.

Lindy's sunglasses are one of my favorite things that she owns. They're ray-ban round icon glasses with a hand-stitched leather rim... yeah, they're as fancy/cool as they sound. 
Oh and let me mention the fact that it was 85 degrees with so much sunshine, that brought out lots of smiles.
A couple of summers ago, my grandma gave me these shoes she had painted when she was younger, and they're still my favorite hot-sunny-day shoes. 
More of my favorite Nashville spots in weeks to come!