So I just recently discovered Poler, an awesome outdoor, camping, adventuring company. First of all, their website is perfect. It's clean, easy to maneuver, and it's so visually inspiring. And their product is even better. A full body Napsack, with arm and feet holes, and a hood... I could stop right there. The designs for the apparel are spot on and crazy cool. They definitely do it right.
They even sell 'poler kits' where you can just go ahead and stock up for a whole camping trip.
My favorite part about their website is their adventures page. I spent a while (hours) going through that thing. As a customer, I want to see things like this. Not only are their photographers making their product look awesome, they're showing me that it's usable and is going to do for me what it's doing for them. Cool, I'm sold.

Poler Unpack from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.