hi there

Been awhile, quite a long while. When I started this blog I was extremely consistent with my timing, but not necessarily with my content. Over this past year I've grown to understand my style and myself and what I really want from this blog. It's been really interesting for me to watch the changes that have gone on in my work and everyday life, and to me that's the beauty of a personal blog. I live and I grow and I express what I see through this outlet. It's refreshing and inspiring. I realize after reading what I just wrote it kind of sounds like I'm giving one of those "I'm sorry I'm going to post more!" or "I'm giving up this blog!" speeches, but it's really neither. I sat down to blog this evening after having one of the best thanksgivings I've ever had, and I almost couldn't contain my excitement. I love this blog, outlet, source of all of my procrastinations. I also love the holidays. Que some pretty Tennessee fall pictures from right before the break... If these (and these) don't make you want to jump off the couch and go on a hike then I'm just really sorry.

Cheers to the Holiday season!